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      Bar Exam Study Gifts: The Ultimate Gift Guide

      Let's face it, the road to becoming a lawyer isn't easy, but it sure is worth it. If you have a friend or a family member who's currently studying in law school, we're sure you're well aware of the sleepless nights of studying that goes into preparing for the bar exam. So, what do you get someone whose life has become all about passing the bar exam? Find out in this exam study gifts guide that we've put together!

      1. Lucky Bar Exam Pencils

      These "Lucky Bar Exam" pencils are the perfect way to add confidence during study time as well as the bar exam itself. A "Lucky Bar Exam" pencil adds a special oomph and offers a lighthearted way to remind your friend of the many hours spent studying and preparing for this big moment.

      2. Magic Law School Survival Mug

      Sometimes, it's easier to believe in magic than it is to believe in yourself. How often do we bank on luck to get us through something? This "Magic Law School Survival Fuel" mug turns regular coffee (or tea!) into magic survival fuel for the law student. A perfect gift for long nights of studying for the bar exam!

      3. Humor

      Studying can be mentally draining. Take your soon-to-be-lawyer friend out to a comedy show or send them a funny meme to take their mind off of studying, if even for a moment!

      4. Support

      There are times in life when friends need friends' support. Studying for the bar exam is definitely one of those times. Check-in with your friend regularly with encouraging words. A phone call, a quick Facetime, and even a text message can go a long way.

      5. Pizza

      Studying for the bar exam is time-consuming. So much so, that law students frequently put eating on the back burner. Get ahold of your friend's address and send them a (paid-for!) pizza to lift their spirits during a long night of studying.

      We hope that these bar exam study gifts have given you the inspiration you needed. Moreover, we hope that your gift, combined with your friend's study habits, gets them through the trying times and helps them pass the exam with flying colors!